I work for a law office and needed documents delivered to a Court in the Bay Area. Golden State Courier Service did an awesome job! Extremely easy to set up the deliveries through Virginia, and they were able to accommodate all the strict delivery rules the Court had imposed on us. Love that I didn't have to navigate through some complicated online site, but instead got to talk to a real person! Golden State Courier Service has a new customer for life!
Brenda B.
Some of the most helpful people on the planet!! I wasn't able to deliver something to the DMV special processing unit. They dispatched a driver immediately to me to pick up my package. Even thought the DMV mailroom gave them a bunch of hassle, they didn't give and got it delivered. And I got everything processed in record time! I would feel comfortable trusting them with any important delivery.
Nicole K.
I spoke with Virginia this afternoon because FedEx was refusing to deliver my package that contained dated materials. Since it was a holiday weekend I was having a really hard time finding someone to drive the 45 miles to pick up the package and deliver it to its final destination. Without hesitation she told me they could do it and it could be done before the end of the business day! Thanks Virginia for making my New Years plans possible!!!

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